diceScenario© is a genre-free role playing game system for experienced gamers. If you are looking for the simplest, most open genre, most flexible RPG system ever devised, you found it.

paperMany of the rules and trappings of other gaming systems have been distilled down into the barest essentials, leaving each character with nothing more than Mind, Body, and Soul…and a few key skills that should cover any player’s needs. This is all so that the GM and the players can let their imaginations run free, without the burdensome mechanisms found in most genre-specific game systems.

pencilYou’ll only need a few things to play, and there’s NOTHING TO BUY. You will need a pencil, some paper, and one six-sided die per player. That’s it! To see how to play, just jump to The Rules now. It’s less than ten pages, and there’s a handy pdf or two for you, too.

Seriously. Simple. Gaming.